Home Business Real Estate

Wow…you can find buyers and get them financed! Even in today’s tough lending market. We were beginning to wonder if it was possible.

I am excited to share something I have stumbled upon that has truly helped me in my home business real estate.

I have been in the real estate industry for about 13 years now working in many different facets. I started out as a realtor, then worked on mortgages, did some residential general contracting and have most recently been working on selling investment properties. (Working from home has enabled me to create an income while staying home with my 2 young boys, Spencer and Addison!)

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In trying to help owners sell their homes, I was searching for creative ideas that worked. My absolute favorite and most successful has been this strategy of using a “temporary” seller financing option to market and sell properties.

“Note buyers” purchase the note from the seller at the closing. The note sale gives the seller all of his CASH at the closing plus the seller receives the complete down payment and the first month’s payment paid by the purchaser at the closing.

This home business real estate opportunity has been a blessing in many ways. The response to my advertising for buyers has greatly increased with my “seller financing available” marketing. The program is geared towards “C” credit buyers (although now, even “A” credit buyers have difficulty with traditional lender financing and easily qualify for this program).

Those buyers that fall below the qualifying credit required are added to my credit repair program and I am able to find a home for them as soon as they are ready to go! MORE BUYERS!

I love to earn money by helping others and this opportunity teaches you how to successfully run your own home business real estate, no matter your experience level. (I personally love to learn from the live webcasts Tuesday and Wednesday too!)

Don’t give up on looking for those creative marketing strategies to find both buyers and sellers!