Problem Addressed

Property owners, designers and developers cannot ignore crucial performance, health, and social impact information to suit a site, building and budget when they choose lower embodied carbon products and materials for buildings. However they are not trained in holistic impact assessments and don’t have time or budget for this work.

Existing tools either list products, not their impacts, or only offer carbon reports with elements of VOC and recycled content information. There are over 150 eco-labels targeting specifiers, but 80% of specifiers don’t understand what eco-labels or EPDs mandate or what 7kg Co2e/m2 means. Like-for-like comparisons, impact improvement, and reports are impossible without extremely comprehensive standardised models, transparency, and context.

Solution Overview

Firstplanit is a comprehensive, easy-to-use green building design and product selection platform that assesses, assimilates, and simplifies complex information into a holistic impact landscape. Its patent-pending algorithms are set out in a transparent, data-driven and free digital format. Building teams can collaborate and deliver multifactorial reports across environmental, social, health and monetary scales in a time effective manner.

Firstplanit works as a standalone solution and outputs plug into carbon reports, ESG, LEED, BREEAM and WELL certifications and BIM models. The Firstplanit team is currently collaborating with several tools to offer many more integrations and automation for all types of building work and team setups.

Firstplanit offers tremendous value that takes 1% of the time and cost of what it would take building teams and manufacturers today to do the research and reporting.

There are several benefits for all stakeholders in a building team, with many free access features:

  • Free access to the materials library – data outputs and comparisons.
  • Free access to manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Project planners pay per project for detailed impact reports.
  • Manufacturers pay per product for detailed impact reports.

Case Study

Coming soon, currently under NDA.

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