The importance of a clean driveway

Keeping your driveways clean probably doesn’t sound very important, it may seem redundant to some and sure you can probably get away with never cleaning your driveway if you are that way inclined. I, however, am a firm believer in maintaining the outside appearance of your house, I also think everyone else should be too. The front yard of your house plays a very big role in presenting a good first impression of you and your house. This is a good idea especially if you are looking to increase and maintain the value of your house. 

The best way

There are multiple ways to clean a driveway and surrounding surfaces and you could probably go about it yourself if you were to buy your own power washer. The problem is a lot of the power washers you buy are not very high quality and the cost of getting a proper power washer is probably not worth it for a person who will only be using it once in a while. The other limiting factor is that to do the job effectively and not make a mess while spraying the muck and grime off your driveway, you may actually need multiple tools. Simply using a high power jet washer will obviously blow the dirt everywhere and possibly onto some of your other surfaces.

A professional driveway cleaning service will have access to all these tools, the washer needed to ensure no muck escapes has a hood over the cleaning device. This helps to contain all of the muck to the cleaner itself and then it can be later washed away. You can see it in the video above. After you use the hooded cleaner you can then use the lance with varying levels of pressure to clean up the rest of your drive. The great thing about the lance is that it can easily get into corners, it can do walls, it can do anything you want. With the varying levels of pressure, you can easily clean anything you need.

Now, obviously, the cost of these tools is substantial. If you want to do a quality job you will need quality equipment. This is why I usually hire a professional team to do the cleaning for me. It will surprise you just how affordable it is and the results speak for themselves. Next time you are walking through your neighbourhood just take a look at everyone else’s driveways and you will see that almost everyone neglects this. If you happen to see a clean one you will notice just how big a difference it makes to the look and feel of the property. Just look at the difference a wash can do for your driveway below. It really is substantial.

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