What Clients see in Houses

Properties are a reflection of the owner and when considering selling or renting a house, it is important to remember most people lie to themselves and place themselves on a unjustly high pedestal. This branches out to the cleanliness of ones home. Many things are under looked when considering a house but cleanliness is not one, it should be an active goal of anyone selling or renting to present the house as if no one ever lived there. So carpet stains are a no-go, clean and fresh concrete is a must, polished tiles, spotless walls, mark less driveways, all a must. This gives the potential client a sense of this is how the house always looks, and with a quick snap of a photo, renters will need to apply the same intensity of clean you provided to them back to you.   

Furthermore it is important to hire out rentals to push your house to the borders and maybe even over extravagance. Hire another television for a week, hire more furniture, hire huge speakers, you need to give an aura to your client that your property is capable of expansion and worth their effort. This also subconsciously gives off that this is what it would look like when they move in. 

Lastly ensure your outdoor areas are tidy and trimmed, any dangerous hazards hacked away and dealt with. Your house while inside can scream extravagance, your outdoor area should be subtle, a touch of the serene outdoors is what most clients adore. Not an overgrown jungle, this reminds the clients instantly there is a lot of work in constantly maintaining this brilliance. Overtime this can overwhelm and drive away potential buyers from purchasing or renting your property, and its important to note that people have the capability of adding to your house so shrinking your potential pool of buyers by reaching for specific atheistic looks is a waste of time.