List Your Home For 4.5%

Over the last few weeks I’ve been very busy. I’ve been a terrible blogger, but the changes that have come from my busy period will be beneficial to everyone.

Over the holidays, the company I work for restructured. We’re no longer the Keller Knapp Team, working for someone else. We’ve turned into Keller Knapp, Inc.. The people are still the same. We have the same broker, the same support staff and the same agents. We’ve even hired a few more agents. The change was really just a bunch of paperwork. Our company still functions the same. You can still expect great service, professionalism and top notch real estate knowledge from Keller Knapp.

However, with a new name comes new toys. We’re working on new logos, websites, business cards, signs… the list is way too long. With new signs and logos comes the need to reestablish name recognition. To do that I need to get these new signs in as many yards as possible. So, I am offering a special “help me get our new company name out” deal.

For the remainder of January and all of February, anyone who reads the Cherokee County Real Estate Blog and would like to sell their home, I will list it at a 4.5% commission rate instead of the standard 6%-7%. You’ll still get all the same hard work of a 6%-7% listing, but pay a lot less.

In addition, Wade Hunt, with Homebanc Mortgage Corporation, has generously offered a special deal of his own. To congratulate Keller Knapp on their newly formed company as well as any new Keller Knapp clients, Wade will:

Offer $500 off of closing cost through May 31st for all loans

Will donate $250 to Keller Knapp’s charity of choice, which is the Atlanta Youth Academy Will donate $100 to my charity of choice, which is the Tiger Woods Foundation, in particular the Start Something program where the Tiger Woods Foundation and Target partnered to create a program that encourages kids ages 8 to 17 to identify a specific personal desire or goal and begin taking steps towards achieving their dreams.

Not only will Wade make a $100 donation to the Start Something program for every real estate transaction, but so will I.

So please, take advantage of these special deals from Wade Hunt at Homebanc Mortgage and myself to get your Cherokee County home on the market before the spring rush begins. If you have any questions please call me at any time, or use the contact form to find many ways of reaching me.