With nationwide retrofit one of the most critical enablers of the UK’s net zero transition, UKGBC Deputy Chief Executive Simon McWhirter’s appointment to the Board of the National Retrofit Hub comes at a critical moment for the built environment.  

Simon brings cross-sector leadership experience to the Hub’s goals of creating retrofit infrastructure and developing the UK’s marketplace while representing UKGBC at the heart of our shared mission to upgrade homes across the UK.  

Reflecting on his appointment, Simon said: 

“UKGBC’s members and partners know that retrofitting our homes at scale and speed is absolutely critical to delivering on our net zero future while permanently slashing bills and stimulating the UK’s green economy. The National Retrofit Hub will fill a longstanding missing piece of the puzzle of solving our national housing retrofit crisis. 

“From the heart of this crucial national endeavour, I’m looking forward to championing what UKGBC members want and need from the Hub and helping to unlock the full-speed action on retrofit that is so urgently needed across the UK.”

Lynne Sullivan, Chair of the National Retrofit Hub Board, shared her thoughts on this development:  

Simon’s active engagement across the industry mirrors the collaborative ethos that defines our mission at the Hub.  This appointment comes at an instrumental time as we are rapidly building progress at the Hub; our working group activity is in full swing with our first outputs due in the Autumn, a new website and branding will soon to be unveiled, and we have a growing group of partners and sponsors. We are actively seeking to consolidate expertise across all retrofit sectors within our board, to ensure we cover all areas that require focus.  

Drawing from Simon’s experience within groups like the Scottish Government’s Green Heat Finance Task Force, the West Midlands Combined Authority’s Future Homes Taskforce and the UK government’s Energy Efficiency Task Force will help us to ensure that we consider the conditions needed to scale retrofit from the many different local contexts that exist throughout the length and breadth of the UK. This appointment will also help us make stronger connections with the work of the UKGBC, where Simon plays a leading role. We look forward to sharing where we have got to so far with Simon and gaining his advice and guidance on the routes forward.” 

More information about the National Retrofit Hub is available here.