As well as a crisis of global temperatures, the world is also in a biodiversity and nature crisis. Earth’s wildlife populations have declined by an average of 69% in just under 50 years and many scientists believe we are living through the planet’s sixth mass extinction event.

The historic agreement at COP15 in 2023 enshrined a shared commitment to protecting 30% of land and seas by 2030 offers a unique platform to step up our efforts to build a more regenerative, nature-led economy.

Why nature policy?

The biodiversity crisis has profound implications for humans living in our built environment, from leaving us more vulnerable to extreme weather caused by climate change to affecting food and water supplies.

As the voice of our sustainable built environment, UKGBC works to develop and deliver nature-led solutions for homes, buildings and spaces that enhance climate-resilience, reverse nature’s decline and create a more regenerative future.

What policies do we propose?

UKGBC works across the built environment to support nature-led projects by:

Demystifying complex concepts

To help the industry develop and innovate new nature-led solutions that preserve and enhance natural ecosystems

Embracing Biodiversity Net Gain

Supporting developers to respond to changes in UK legislation

Put nature at the heart of the planning system

Local authorities can shift planning regulation to encourage nature positive development.

Halt nature’s decline by 2030

Following the COP15 conference, embrace policies that rebuild nature.

Our work so far

Biodiversity Net Gain

We’re working closely with an industry steering group to shape guidance for Biodiversity Net Gain.

Value of Nature Based Solutions

Both industry and policy makers can learn from our resource that outlines the different value nature can bring.

Climate Resilience and Nature Playbook

Guidance for local authorities on bringing nature into towns and communities.

Principles for Delivering Urban Nature-based Solutions

A technical report that sets out sets out six principles to assist developers and owners in the design, delivery and operation of urban NBS