The climate emergency remains the most pressing issue facing the built environment. It is directly responsible for 25% of total UK emissions, and as evidenced by UKGBC’s Net Zero Whole Life Carbon Roadmap, continuing a ‘business-as-usual’ approach will simply not deliver net zero by 2050. Instead, the current pace of climate action will only deliver a 60% reduction in carbon dioxide levels compared with 1990 emissions levels; leading to catastrophic and irreversible impacts, adversely affecting lives, livelihoods, and the planet.

Therefore, the choices we, as an industry, make now to halve our emissions by 2030 are critical. That’s why at UKGBC we’ve decided to create a new 2025 Strategy, to ensure all our activities are on track for the future we want to build.

The UKGBC 2025 Strategy sets out a shared industry ambition and industry targets which indicate what must be achieved by 2025. Drawn from science-based data modelling conducted for our Whole Life Net Zero Carbon Roadmap published in 2021, the Strategy also points to shared targets that have yet to be developed for both climate resilience and environmental net gain. This is ultimately where the built environment sector needs to get to. To drive progress towards these, UKGBC has set itself seven clear goals in relation to both Government and Businesses that will drive the transformational shift in the way we design, construct, operate and reuse built assets to achieve the industry ambition and targets.  The goals will in turn inform and cascade into the key work priorities that UKGBC takes forward over the next three years. 

2021 was a critical year for the climate and ecological agendas & although progress was made at both domestic and international levels, the need for increased ambition and the translation of commitments into tangible and measurable action has never been greater.

Julie Hirigoyen, UKGBC CEO

What does this Strategy mean for our Members?

In addition to the release of the 2025 Strategy, UKGBC has also evolved our work programme to create even more opportunities for engagement and impactful collaboration, both inside member organisations and more widely across the industry. Through these, our members will:  

  • Be empowered to accelerate their own sustainability journeys by participating in UKGBC convened initiatives and projects – where we unite around a common purpose, collaborate, share knowledge and lessons learnt. 
  • Enjoy access to cutting edge insights and solutions that will shortcut your learning journeys. 
  • Be engaged and consulted to evolve definitions of ‘what good looks like’ and to showcase your remarkable achievements as sustainability pioneers. 
  • Equip their teams with the knowledge, skills, capabilities and leadership mindsets that they need to radically transform their business models. 
  • Unite as a progressive and united voice to those in positions of power – demonstrating the art of the possible and calling on government to change the rules of the game.  
  • Be part of a network with influence across all corners of the UK – with a specific focus on devolved nations and areas identified as priorities for the Levelling Up agenda. 

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