What is an Innovative Start Up Member?

UKGBC offers innovative start-up membership that addresses the needs of new, innovative organisations in the sector that are working on solutions to the array of challenges we face on our mission to a sustainable built environment. UKGBC works to raise the profile of and connect the start-ups with one another and with UKGBC’s wider corporate membership through a variety of activities.

What is the core impact of this membership?

This membership category is designed to help start-ups scale by offering insight into the property and construction sector, and the opportunity to learn from and network with different sub-sectors within the built environment. It also seeks to join the dots between start-ups and other stakeholders across the industry to convene complementary solutions and scale their impact and adoption.

Benefits of Innovative Start-Up Membership

  • Opportunity to participate in UKGBC’s Inside Innovation blog series, which convenes members to showcase trends and emerging solutions around key sustainable innovation themes.
  • Receive Innovative Start-Up Bulletin including notification of opportunities from UKGBC’s wider innovation network including pilot project, investment and acceleration opportunities.
  • Benefit from bespoke opportunities such as introductions, networking events, speaking and media opportunities etc.
  • Access to UKGBC’s Solutions & Innovation Advisory Group to gain market insight and product development advice, either one-to-one or in focus groups with other start-ups.
  • Access to UKGBC’s quarterly Innovative Start-Up Forum, where we are joined by different UKGBC member sub-sectors.

Innovative Start-Up Membership Criteria

Due to the extra support UKGBC offer Innovative Start-Ups beyond the standard membership benefits there are certain criteria that must be met, these include:

  • The company’s product or service aims to solve a challenge aligned with UKGBC’s vision for a sustainable built environment.
  • The company’s product or service is designed to scale very quickly and can be applied and marketed globally.
  • It is less than 5 years since the date of the company’s incorporation.
  • The company has less than 50 employees (globally) and a turnover of less than €10m (i.e. an SME as defined by the EC).
  • The company’s product or service offer is not predominantly advisory/consultancy.

In some cases we may consult with UKGBC’s Solutions & Innovation Advisory Group to review applications.

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Success Stories

The following organisations joined as UKGBC Innovative Start-Up Members and have since scaled beyond our criteria and are now full UKGBC members

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