The CE Forum is chaired by UKGBC and is designed to be a confidential space to learn from each other’s experiences, success as well as failure and meets quarterly.  

The CE Forum Working Group is a smaller working group that is member-run. It has been set up to address specific topics that several forum members wish to make further progress on. UKGBC helps scope and set up the working groups and help promote the outputs, while the main work is done by the members of this group. They provide progress updates at the quarterly forum meetings but progress their work outside of the meetings. The fortnightly meetings of this group also serve as sessions to discuss industry news on circular economy and have established a close-knit network of highly experienced industry professionals associated with UKGBC. 

To express interest to participate please email 

Circular Economy Forum Resources

As part of the forum’s work, they collaborate to create resources that help educate and shine a spotlight on key issues related to circular economy in the built environment.



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Our climate change mitigation work is made possible thanks to the generous support of our Advancing Net Zero Programme Partners

Circular Economy Forum Partners

The Circular Economy Forum is generously support by our 3 partners who make this industry leading work possible,