This is a critical time for climate action. In the most recent assessment of risks the UK faces from climate-related hazards, over 60% were given the highest urgency score, a staggering increase in urgency compared to the previous assessment. Destructive climate impacts and extreme weather changes will affect all members of our society, devastate lives and livelihoods, and have a detrimental impact on the buildings, infrastructure and environments that keep us secure from hazards such as flooding and overheating.  However, as noted in the Climate Change Committee’s Investment for a well-adapted UK report, the UK currently lacks associated targets or goals for resilience standards at a national, local or sectoral level – the government’s third National Adaptation Plan released earlier this week highlighted the urgent need for collaboration, research and increased ambition for climate resilience in the UK.


Following on from UKGBC’s previous work around climate resilience and adaptation, we aim to work with the built environment industry to co-create a sector roadmap for climate resilience in the built environment. By developing science-driven, industry-wide targets to be achieved in the short, medium and longer term, this project could help to fill the urgent and critical gap identified by the CCC – investing in and optimising our built environment for a climate resilient future. This project will follow a similar path of UKGBC’s Whole Life Carbon Roadmap project which provided both the industry and government a common vision and agreed actions for achieving net zero carbon in the built environment.

The main objectives of the Resilience Roadmap project are to:



a resilient UK built environment.

Set science-based targets

and measurable metrics for climate resilience.

Measure the baseline

climate resilience of the UKGBC built environment.

Identify the obstacles of adaptation

including social, economic, political and technical barriers.

Identify the key actions

for built environment stakeholders to ramp up adaptation action.

Identify key policies

for national and local governments to improve our resilience.

UKGBC is looking for organisations wanting to drive forward adaptation and climate resilience action in the built environment to become Project Partners for the Resilience Roadmap. As a project partner, you will be able to take a steering role on the project, be credited with the creation of the roadmap and secure a position on the task group, amongst other benefits. It’s a role best suited for organisations who are already active in the climate adaptation space and are looking to collaborate with other leaders from across industry.

To learn more about Project Partnership and apply, download our call for applications.

Project Partnership is open to UKGBC members only. Learn more about what it means to be a member and the opportunities it provides you here.

Applications will be open until the 8th September. There will be additional opportunities for individuals to be involved from September onwards, including applications for a Task Group and a wider industry consultation in the new year.

Download the Call for Applications here

Learn more about what it means to be a project partner and the plan for the Roadmap over the coming year.

Resilience Roadmap Project Partner Call for Applications

Apply using this document.
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