Our planet is in crisis, and without further decisive action temperatures could rise by between 2.2-3.5°C by 2100. The built environment has a critical role to play in addressing the climate crisis, limiting global warming to 1.5°C and enabling the UK to transition to net zero by 2050. 

Key climate change mitigation Stats

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Climate change mitigation and the path to net zero

The built environment is the largest source of climate emissions after surface transport. Our buildings, towns, cities and infrastructure have a clear role to play in enabling the UK to achieve its climate commitments to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 (compared with 1990 levels) and achieve net zero by 2050. 

The science clearly shows we’re running out of time to deliver the radical transformation needed. This warning has not fallen on deaf ears, with many organisations stepping up with action plans to deliver net zero. But for an industry like the built environment, which is proven to be capable of rapid emissions reduction, the pressure is now on to do so systematically at scale and at pace 

Tackling the climate crisis and transforming a whole industry is not without significant challenges. But building a net zero, climate resilient and regenerative built environment represents a huge opportunity to deliver green growth through innovation, value creation, more green jobs and better, healthier places to live and work. Built environment businesses can be at the forefront of this transformation to a green economy.  

What we do to help mitigate climate change

UKGBC is committed to working with our members, the sector and government to significantly and swiftly reduce carbon emissions within the built environment and drive the net zero transition forwards.  

We do this by working in collaboration with leading businesses, government entities and third-sector partners who are committed to transforming the way our buildings, communities, cities, and infrastructure are planned, designed, constructed, maintained, repurposed and operated.

UKGBC is at the forefront of influencing progressive policy and identifying the carbon reduction pathways required to propel the sector forward. We are also committed to driving and amplifying the solutions that will transform our built environment, so that people and nature thrive.  

Our work focuses on reducing carbon emissions through both operational and embodied carbon across the sector – both in residential and commercial development. Our members are at the core of everything we do and we support our network of over 700+ organisations with the guidance, insight and support they need to deliver a net zero, climate resilient and regenerative built environment.  

Advancing Net Zero

Created in 2018 as part of a WorldGBC initiative, UKGBC’s Advancing Net Zero programme has a mission to lead the UK’s transition to a net zero built environment.

Whole Life Carbon Roadmap

The Roadmap provides a common vision for achieving net zero carbon in the construction, operation and demolition of buildings and infrastructure.

Climate commitments

Business is increasingly stepping up and to demonstrate their climate action, and hold themselves accountable, many are signing up to climate corporate commitments.

Race to Zero

UKGBC’s work as an Accelerator to the UNFCCC Race to Zero campaign helps empower our members to make robust climate commitments to halve emissions by 2030.

Solutions Library

The library highlights practical ways to address common sustainability challenges faced, and built studies demonstrating exemplary practice and key learnings.

Upskilling professionals

Through our Learning and Leadership team’s work, we give opportunities for built environmental professionals to build their knowledge on key sustainability topics.


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