At UKGBC, we are a passionate and dynamic team, dedicated to working together for a better built environment. As a community we encourage self-leadership and motivate our team members to be proactive and open by driving their own personal development plans and bringing their individual passions, differences and knowledge to their role.

What’s it like to work at UKGBC?

We have an inclusive leadership style, offering inspirational and bold guidance that feeds into an open, collaborative community which in turn creates positive results for our working culture and team wellbeing.

Our collaborative work ethic is evident in our daily activities, every team works and learns together to achieve our goals. This in turn makes team members feel included, we champion a one team mentality and recognise that we are greater than the sum of our parts. Everyone is listened to and respected regardless of their role in the organisation.

We recognise that as the world is changing, the workplace is too, and we are seeking to find more exciting opportunities by utilising an agile and versatile approach to our work and employment.

What makes UKGBC a great place to work?

Keep learning

Each employee is encouraged to train through personalised development plans.

We have fun!

Our popular social calendar is full, including: away days, birthday lunches, socials and inspirational trips.

Grow your people skills

We actively encourage our team to take part in communications coaching and build key interpersonal skills.

Flexibility is key

Our flexible hybrid working model, alongside other policies, allows us to look after our staff’s wellbeing.

Our team says…

It is a foundational company where colleagues become friends, and hierarchy dissolves in the face of a strong mission about which we are all equally passionate.”
Working at UKGBC is unique in its positioning between business and government, and it’s working on that threshold which is particularly exciting.”
I Feel part of a forward-thinking, wholesome, and influential organisation.”
There’s nothing like working with a small group of committed people to really get stuff going.”

Current opportunities

From the team

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