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Staging Tips To Help Your Home Sell Fast

Selling your home can be stressful, especially since there is no way to know exactly how long it will be on the market. Making your home more appealing to buyers can help ensure that it sells quickly. This doesn’t necessarily have to entail spending a ton of money on renovations though. Simply staging your home can make it appeal to a broader range of potential buyers, helping you to close the deal. Professional real estate agents like the ones at know how important proper home staging can be. Here are a few tips for staging your home:

Go Neutral and Impersonal

It’s great to express your unique personality and taste through your home décor . . . until it’s time to sell, that is. Buyers don’t want to learn about your preferences when they look at your house. Instead, they want to picture themselves living there. Take down any especially quirky or unusual art or other décor. Consider re-painting any boldly hued rooms in light, neutral colors. Put away personal photos and notes left on the fridge,


Getting rid of clutter makes every room of your home look bigger. It also helps potential buyers envision their own furniture and belongings in the space. Go through your house room by room and mercilessly remove extra furniture and other objects that are taking up too much space. This can be a great opportunity to simplify your belongings before moving, or you can simply find somewhere to temporarily store the excess stuff.

Image result for Staging Tips To Help Your Home Sell Fast

Don’t Skip the Details

Home buyers don’t want to feel like they’re inheriting a bunch of chores by buying your home. Spend an afternoon going around your house and making those little repairs you’ve been putting off. Patch any nail holes in the wall and repair holes in window screens. Don’t forget finishing touches like washing your windows and window sills, and wiping finger prints off of switch plates and baseboards.

Don’t Forget About Curb Appeal

The front of your house is the first thing potential buyers will see. Make sure your lawn is mowed, the weeds are pulled, and your sidewalk and front porch are swept. Adding colorful pots of flowers and a new doormat is an inexpensive way to add fresh visual appeal.

Appeal to the Senses

Finally, when you know a showing is coming up, spend a few minutes making your home appealing on a sensory level. Open the curtains to let sunlight in, light a candle with a pleasant but subtle scent, and turn on low volume, soothing music. Your home will be so welcoming that potential buyers won’t want to leave, which is exactly what you want.

Declining interest rates and rising income spur improving housing affordability

A new report released last week shows an improvement in overall housing affordability over the June quarter with the positive development seen in seven out of eight Australian states and territories.

The latest edition of the Adelaide Bank/REIA Housing Affordability Report, released last week by the Real Estate Institute of Australia, provides a comprehensive update for the sector using the latest data for the June Quarter 2019.

REIA President Neville Sanders says, “The latest Adelaide Bank/REIA Housing Affordability Report shows that the proportion of median family income required to meet average loan repayments was 30.3%. The figure decreased 0.5 percentage points during the quarter and 0.6 percentage points compared to a year ago largely supported by declining interest rates and rising income.”

Image result for housing affordability Australia

“New South Wales was the only state or territory to record a decline in housing affordability and kept the title of the most unaffordable state or territory for home buyers while the Australian Capital Territory had the smallest proportion of median income required to meet average monthly loan repayment across the country. South Australia recorded the best quarterly improvement in housing affordability nationally as a result of a fall of the average loan size.”

“The Australian Bureau of Statistics made revisions to the original series as a result of improved reporting of survey and administrative data, and updated first home buyer modelled estimates.

Despite the revision, it is clear that first home buyers’ presence on the market is still low compared to the long-term average. In the Northern Territory, the proportion of first home buyers on the owner-occupier market is just above 12.0% with the Territory recording the largest annual drop in the number of first home buyers across the country.”

“The report shows rental affordability also improved over the quarter with 25.0% of median income now required to pay median rents. The Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria recorded improvements.”

“Although this quarter the report delivered good news to both home owners and renters, we would like to see the pattern established –there has been much fluctuation over the past twelve months,” concluded Mr Sanders.

Home Business Real Estate

Wow…you can find buyers and get them financed! Even in today’s tough lending market. We were beginning to wonder if it was possible.

I am excited to share something I have stumbled upon that has truly helped me in my home business real estate.

I have been in the real estate industry for about 13 years now working in many different facets. I started out as a realtor, then worked on mortgages, did some residential general contracting and have most recently been working on selling investment properties. (Working from home has enabled me to create an income while staying home with my 2 young boys, Spencer and Addison!)

Image result for home business real estate

In trying to help owners sell their homes, I was searching for creative ideas that worked. My absolute favorite and most successful has been this strategy of using a “temporary” seller financing option to market and sell properties.

“Note buyers” purchase the note from the seller at the closing. The note sale gives the seller all of his CASH at the closing plus the seller receives the complete down payment and the first month’s payment paid by the purchaser at the closing.

This home business real estate opportunity has been a blessing in many ways. The response to my advertising for buyers has greatly increased with my “seller financing available” marketing. The program is geared towards “C” credit buyers (although now, even “A” credit buyers have difficulty with traditional lender financing and easily qualify for this program).

Those buyers that fall below the qualifying credit required are added to my credit repair program and I am able to find a home for them as soon as they are ready to go! MORE BUYERS!

I love to earn money by helping others and this opportunity teaches you how to successfully run your own home business real estate, no matter your experience level. (I personally love to learn from the live webcasts Tuesday and Wednesday too!)

Don’t give up on looking for those creative marketing strategies to find both buyers and sellers!

List Your Home For 4.5%

Over the last few weeks I’ve been very busy. I’ve been a terrible blogger, but the changes that have come from my busy period will be beneficial to everyone.

Over the holidays, the company I work for restructured. We’re no longer the Keller Knapp Team, working for someone else. We’ve turned into Keller Knapp, Inc.. The people are still the same. We have the same broker, the same support staff and the same agents. We’ve even hired a few more agents. The change was really just a bunch of paperwork. Our company still functions the same. You can still expect great service, professionalism and top notch real estate knowledge from Keller Knapp.

However, with a new name comes new toys. We’re working on new logos, websites, business cards, signs… the list is way too long. With new signs and logos comes the need to reestablish name recognition. To do that I need to get these new signs in as many yards as possible. So, I am offering a special “help me get our new company name out” deal.

For the remainder of January and all of February, anyone who reads the Cherokee County Real Estate Blog and would like to sell their home, I will list it at a 4.5% commission rate instead of the standard 6%-7%. You’ll still get all the same hard work of a 6%-7% listing, but pay a lot less.

In addition, Wade Hunt, with Homebanc Mortgage Corporation, has generously offered a special deal of his own. To congratulate Keller Knapp on their newly formed company as well as any new Keller Knapp clients, Wade will:

Offer $500 off of closing cost through May 31st for all loans

Will donate $250 to Keller Knapp’s charity of choice, which is the Atlanta Youth Academy Will donate $100 to my charity of choice, which is the Tiger Woods Foundation, in particular the Start Something program where the Tiger Woods Foundation and Target partnered to create a program that encourages kids ages 8 to 17 to identify a specific personal desire or goal and begin taking steps towards achieving their dreams.

Not only will Wade make a $100 donation to the Start Something program for every real estate transaction, but so will I.

So please, take advantage of these special deals from Wade Hunt at Homebanc Mortgage and myself to get your Cherokee County home on the market before the spring rush begins. If you have any questions please call me at any time, or use the contact form to find many ways of reaching me.

What Clients see in Houses

Properties are a reflection of the owner and when considering selling or renting a house, it is important to remember most people lie to themselves and place themselves on a unjustly high pedestal. This branches out to the cleanliness of ones home. Many things are under looked when considering a house but cleanliness is not one, it should be an active goal of anyone selling or renting to present the house as if no one ever lived there. So carpet stains are a no-go, clean and fresh concrete is a must, polished tiles, spotless walls, mark less driveways, all a must. This gives the potential client a sense of this is how the house always looks, and with a quick snap of a photo, renters will need to apply the same intensity of clean you provided to them back to you.   

Furthermore it is important to hire out rentals to push your house to the borders and maybe even over extravagance. Hire another television for a week, hire more furniture, hire huge speakers, you need to give an aura to your client that your property is capable of expansion and worth their effort. This also subconsciously gives off that this is what it would look like when they move in. 

Lastly ensure your outdoor areas are tidy and trimmed, any dangerous hazards hacked away and dealt with. Your house while inside can scream extravagance, your outdoor area should be subtle, a touch of the serene outdoors is what most clients adore. Not an overgrown jungle, this reminds the clients instantly there is a lot of work in constantly maintaining this brilliance. Overtime this can overwhelm and drive away potential buyers from purchasing or renting your property, and its important to note that people have the capability of adding to your house so shrinking your potential pool of buyers by reaching for specific atheistic looks is a waste of time. 

The importance of a clean driveway

Keeping your driveways clean probably doesn’t sound very important, it may seem redundant to some and sure you can probably get away with never cleaning your driveway if you are that way inclined. I, however, am a firm believer in maintaining the outside appearance of your house, I also think everyone else should be too. The front yard of your house plays a very big role in presenting a good first impression of you and your house. This is a good idea especially if you are looking to increase and maintain the value of your house. 

The best way

There are multiple ways to clean a driveway and surrounding surfaces and you could probably go about it yourself if you were to buy your own power washer. The problem is a lot of the power washers you buy are not very high quality and the cost of getting a proper power washer is probably not worth it for a person who will only be using it once in a while. The other limiting factor is that to do the job effectively and not make a mess while spraying the muck and grime off your driveway, you may actually need multiple tools. Simply using a high power jet washer will obviously blow the dirt everywhere and possibly onto some of your other surfaces.

A professional driveway cleaning service will have access to all these tools, the washer needed to ensure no muck escapes has a hood over the cleaning device. This helps to contain all of the muck to the cleaner itself and then it can be later washed away. You can see it in the video above. After you use the hooded cleaner you can then use the lance with varying levels of pressure to clean up the rest of your drive. The great thing about the lance is that it can easily get into corners, it can do walls, it can do anything you want. With the varying levels of pressure, you can easily clean anything you need.

Now, obviously, the cost of these tools is substantial. If you want to do a quality job you will need quality equipment. This is why I usually hire a professional team to do the cleaning for me. It will surprise you just how affordable it is and the results speak for themselves. Next time you are walking through your neighbourhood just take a look at everyone else’s driveways and you will see that almost everyone neglects this. If you happen to see a clean one you will notice just how big a difference it makes to the look and feel of the property. Just look at the difference a wash can do for your driveway below. It really is substantial.

How a real estate auction works

If you are planning to sell or buy real estate from an auction and you have no idea how it works then this write up will help you. Firstly ensure that your property is in tip top condition. This includes a tidy backyard with all the trees trimmed, concrete cleaned, lawns mowed and a fresh coat of paint will give you the best chance to get a high price. Also if you are buying a property there are many things you need to get checked before spending your money. Older house should have an inspection from a qualified electrician to make sure you won’t be up for costly rewiring after your purchase.

Even if you are not planning to go to a real estate auction any time soon you must know the process involved.


An auction can happen pretty quick so it’s extremely essential you and your agent are clear and concurred on the procedure of your auction day. Things like your reserve price and whether you will make vendor bids through your agent are basic and have legal implications. Don’t be hesitant to make inquiries.

No less than 30 minutes before the auction, your agent is required by law to show documentation with respect to the property. As the auctioneer starts he/she will make a declaration specifying the information: there are state laws applying to auctions when all is said in done; the tenets applying to this specific auction, including whether vendor bids or potentially co-proprietor bids will be utilized. Auction laws may differ from state to state so talk about the legal prerequisites with your agent.

The auctioneer will then request an opening offer, setting a sum by which all bids must ascent, for example, in $6,000 increases. Elective sums can be offered for example, $2,000 anyway it is up to the auctioneer’s discretion if the sum is acknowledged.

AuctionOnce the reserve price has been achieved the property is considered to be ‘on the market’ and will be sold to the most bidder with the highest price proposition. On the off chance that the reserve price isn’t achieved the auctioneer will secretly inquire as to whether they wish to offer at a lower price. At the point when the last offer is come to and the vendor is content with the price, the auctioneer will declare “going once, twice, three times… ” and if no more bids are offered he will then call, “SOLD”.

A quick deposit – generally 10% of the price tag – is required after the auction. The adjust is paid on settlement, ordinarily set by the dealer at 30, 60 or 90 days. It’s critical to take note of that being adaptable with the length of settlement to suit your purchaser can help offer the property. The deal is concluded when the contract has been marked by both merchant and purchaser and every pertinent check and exchanges have been made. Once this has been finished and the adjust of the price tag paid, the property is authoritatively considered sold.

Tips for buying property in Brisbane

If you are planning to buy property in Brisbane there are certain things you must keep in mind. Buying property anywhere can be a major task. So, here are a few tips that will help you when you choose to buy property in Brisbane.


  • You must first look into the kind of property loans that are available. What are the kind of loans that will ease you through the process repayments? Keep in mind the interest rates and compare each to the other. Find out how much you can borrow for a property do not just presume an amount in your head. Talk to a few banks before you decide to take a loan. Talk to a few bankers in your friends and family circle as well. Don’t just dive into getting a loan. Make an informed decision.


  • Then decide on what kind of property do you want. Do you want a small cosy flat or a spacious large independent house to yourself with a front lawn and a backyard? Also decide on whether you want to make this property your home or you are just buying it for investment purposes. All of these questions will build up to tell you what kind of property you want to buy and will narrow down your options for a final pick.
  • If it is for building a home and if you are going to live there with a family or alone, then there are certain other things you have to keep in mind such as what kind of suburb are you buying it in? Is it close to local shops and supermarkets? Maybe even cafes and restaurants. If you are living with a family then find out what is the distance of your house from the closest school and hospital.
  • property-conveyancingIf you are buying for investment then you need to find out if the area you are buying it in has good capital growth potential. You will also have to find out whether the demand for rental properties is high in the area because otherwise there is no point investing in an area where there is no demand to stay in a rented property. Also, if you are buying a property for investment then you must also keep in mind how much you want to spend on renovations and maintenance If you are planning to live there then you can spend according to your requirements but if it is for investment, spending too much on maintenance can be a loss for you.


  • Another basic tip when it comes to buying property is that always overestimate your cost. It is okay if in the end of it all some money is left because it will be a problem if you underestimate the cost and run out of money for your payments. When you get the sale at the right price it’s time to book a limo and celebrate with your friends. Selling a property is a major milestone in life and its important to celebrate your success.

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